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Wall of Skateboards in Skagit County at Trinity Skate in Anacortes, Washington.

Anacortes Skate Park Improvement Project

The Mission

Our mission is to support the Anacortes community and youth by rebuilding and revamping the current 20-year-old, outdated Anacortes Skate Park. The community deserves a skate park that will decrease injuries, increase the fun, and is good for people of all skill levels! A quality, up to date skate park will also ensure that it will be better respected and maintained.

Skate parks are a positive outlet to instill strong values like work versus reward, determination, the importance of community, having fun, and can give many the sense of being we all need and want. Skate parks in any community can be a gathering place and even a second home for families and people of all ages who love skateboarding. Quality skate parks in communities serve as a place for skateboarding classes, events, community fundraisers, and a place to find a strong sense of community.

The Anacortes Skate Park Improvement Project (ASPIP) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) dedicated to the rebuilding and future maintenance of the Anacortes Ben Root Skate Park. The ASPIP initiated this nonprofit because the community asked for a safer, higher quality skate park. So far, we have presented the Anacortes Planning Commission and City Council a tentative vision for the improvement of the current park. This is in cooperation with Grindline, the Anacortes Parks Foundation, the City of Anacortes Parks and Recreation department, and the Advisory Committee. 

The Plan

Anacortes Skatepark Concept

A designer from the infamous company Grindline has looked at the current state of the Ben Root Skate park and has given us a quote and suggested we do not reuse any of the current features. The current park is rough, hard to skate, outdated, and not what this community deserves.  This has put us at the budget of $550,000 – $600,000 to improve the existing park. Currently, we have received a grant for $11,500 and are continuing to do fundraising and look into applying for future grants. We have also raised several thousand dollars in donations through Trinity Skate. Through grants and donations all together, we have raised about $35,000.

Follow us on Facebook at Anacortes Skate Park Improvement Project to stay updated. 

Updates on events will also be posted to the Trinity Skate facebook and instagram.

If you want to donate, go to our gofundme to donate.

The ASPIP Board of Directors

President: Rachel Muntean-Salazar

Anacortes local for 10+ years, Owner of Trinity Skate, prior member of the Anacortes Food Coop board of directors.

Vice President: Leo Salazar

Owner of Seven Sorrows Tattoo, prior member of skate park committee for Bellevue Skate Park,  and prior owner of Bomb Shelter skate shop in Seattle.

Secretary/Treasurer: Sheri Muntean CPA PhD

Managing Partner of Shamballa Centre (a CPA Firm) and retired Anacortes Planning Commissioner.

Director: John Glassett 

A part of the Anacortes community since 1992, avid bike rider and skateboarder since 3rd grade. Skate park enthusiast.

Director: Erik Gonzales

ED/CEO and head chair of Urbanists , a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in California. Prior board member to Visalia Arts Consortium, Cali, and Art House. 

Further Information:

2019-09-09 Skate Park DETERMINATION LETTER (received September 9, 2019)

2019-09-16 Anacortes Skate ByLaws INITIAL

2019-08 AnacortesSkateParkImprovementProject 1023

For more information, contact our Secretary at