Anacortes Skate Park Improvement Project

Anacortes Skatepark Concept

The Anacortes Skate Park Improvement Project (the Project) is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to the rebuild and future maintenance of the Anacortes Skate Park on R Avenue. The Anacortes community has presented to the Anacortes Planning Commission and City Council a tentative vision for the improvement of the current park, in cooperation with Grindline, the Anacortes Parks Foundation, and the City of Anacortes Parks and Recreation department and Advisory Committee. The Project, with a budget of $600,000 to improve the existing park, is currently in the fundraising phase.

Fundraising EVENTS:

November 9, 2019 – 6pm Dinner/Auction at the Eagles, 901 7th St, Anacortes (contact for more information)

January 2020 – Eagles Fundraiser at 901 7th St, Anacortes

Trinity Skate concerts, TBA, at 705 Commercial Ave, Anacortes

The Anacortes Skate Park Improvement Project Board of Directors:

President: Rachel Muntean-Salazar, Owner of Trinity Skate

Vice President: Leo Salazar, Owner of Seven Sorrows Tattoo and avid skater

Secretary/Treasurer: Sheri Muntean CPA PhD, Managing Partner of Shamballa Centre (a CPA Firm) and retired Planning Commissioner

Director: John Archibald, Owner of Johnny Picassos and retired City Councilperson, Director

Director: TBA

Further Information:

2019-09-09 Skate Park DETERMINATION LETTER (received September 9, 2019)

2019-09-16 Anacortes Skate ByLaws INITIAL

2019-08 AnacortesSkateParkImprovementProject 1023

For further information, contact our Secretary at